About FrankenFeed

FrankenFeed is just one of the Big in Japan tools. Big in Japan is an integrated toolkit for prosumer bloggers. Say your own social media projects are taking off, but you're overwhelmed with the mechanics of running, tracking and promoting your sites: Big in Japan can make you Big in Japan. And Jersey City. And Genoa. And Jakarta. You get the drift. Build your own global microbrand using these tools.

We started off by building little widgets that helped us in our daily Web lives (for our consultancy Weblogs Work and our own blog projects). We built a URL shortener with Web 2.0 features called elfURL. And some other things. Then we decided that it would be even better to have an integrated workbench so we could mash up widget functionality as we liked. Enter Big in Japan is a set of Ruby on Rails apps touched up with with Ajaxian gee whiz-ardry. Built to mash.

We have ten tools so far, but are always looking for the next thing. Have an idea? Tell us about it..

Just who is responsible for this?

Rodrigo Franco is the prime mover behind Big in Japan. Brian Oberkirch and Alexander Muse throw their two cents in from time to time. The initial ideas were vamped up by Scott Ryan, Merlin Mann and Rodrigo Franco. Dan Cederholm and Frederic Tubale did the killer design work. The programming team was lead by Rodrigo, and includes Juraci Costa, Adriano Petrich, Giorgio Maone, Kevin Marvin and many other very helpful folks.


You are participating in the alpha testing of FrankenFeed. The rails based version should be out in Q2.