Potentially Frequently Asked Questions

What is FrankenFeed?

FrankenFeed is an easy way to merge several RSS feeds into a single .monster. feed. Just create a new FrankenFeed and try it out.

Why would I want to create a FrankenFeed?

Say you want to create a reading list for your boss. Just combine a number of blogs that you think he would like into a single FrankenFeed and give that RSS feed to your boss. When you want to get him to read another blog or to delete one that is no longer any good, you can login to FrankenFeed and make the change without talking to your boss

What's with Biggu.com?

Biggu is Japanese for big. It's big in japan(ese). You can also access each tool with it's own direct address: podserve.biggu.com

Who is going to use these Big in Japan tools?

People who want to make their far-flung Web lives easier. Mostly prosumer bloggers (almost pros who have a growing Web thing going). They need stats in one place, tools to make feeds & podcasts simple & more powerful. If you want to do more, but focus less on the tools of the trade, we're your huckleberry.

Can I use these tools for free?

Today, yes. We'll always have some free functionality, but we'll phase in a PRO level when we're ready. For now, play away. And tell us what you think.


You are participating in the alpha testing of FrankenFeed. The rails based version should be out in Q2.